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Meadowbrook Needs You! Contest Extended

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Since I’ve only received one entry for this contest, I’ve decided to extend the contest through the end of November. So, if you haven’t been wanting to enter but haven’t had the chance to get to it, you’ve still got time. I’ll post the winner in early December.

Just for reference, here’s a link to the original contest information:

And here’s the information about Meadowbrook itself:

Meadowbrook Needs You! — Win Dice!

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contest-winnerBack in June, I created a town called “Meadowbrook”. This month, I’m sponsoring a contest based on that town. All you have to do is create a NPC — an inhabitant of Meadowbrook — using the information given in this blog. The characters I like best will become part of the “official” Meadowbrook setting. In exchange, every entry you make gives you a chance to win a set of green Crystal Caste Dice from RPG Shop.  The winner will be chosen at random from among all the entries, so even if I don’t use your character, you still have a chance to win.

How to Enter

Leave a comment below detailing your NPC. Meadowbrook is a system-generic setting, that is, it’s designed to be used with any fantasy game system. Your character description should be equally system-generic, though you can include stats for your favorite game system(s) at the bottom of the description, if you wish.

The contest will run until 31 October 2009. A winner will be chosen at random on 01 November and will be announced on this blog on 02 November, 2009. You can enter as many times as you wish, each time with a different NPC.

NPC Creation Rules

  • You may use any of the existing NPCs as part of your character’s background, but you may not alter them.
  • You may use or add to any or all of the existing locations and other information, but must use the existing material as written. You may not change any of the information provided.
  • Character portraits are welcome, but not required. To use a portrait, upload the picture to your own site, then link to it in your entry.
  • I reserve the right to “tweak” NPCs to better fit the setting before placing them in the Meadowbrook information.
  • By entering your NPC, you retain the copyright on your material, but you agree to allow me use of the character. Full credit will be given to you whenever the character is included in Meadowbrook material.

Meadowbrook Posts

Here’s a list of all the Meadowbrook posts:

That’s all of the official stuff. Please feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments below, or you can email me at jade(at)rpggm(dot)com. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

“How Close Can You Get to Amber On a Harley?” and Other Game Quotes

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Several years ago, I ran an RPG website (Jade’s Roleplaying Pages) and one of the most heavily hit pages were those that list funny quotes that happened during game sessions.

red-quote-bubbleWell, I’m bringing that back. Eventually, there’ll be a website and quote pages back up. In the meantime, I’m going to start posting a few game quotes each week. These are actual quotes from real game sessions and I’m breaking them down by game system, ’cause some of them are only funny if you know the system referenced.

So here’s this weeks entries:

General and out of character:

“Roll some dice and dazzle me with your Dex.”

“You know — you’re smarter than most of the characters you play.”

“This is outside of my character’s area. I don’t see anything in this document that allows me to shoot someone.”
–Boyd (Group Leader Kiaarr)

Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game

“How close can you get to Amber on a Harley?”
– Lorien, daughter of Random

“While Dad’s incapacitated, I’m taking the throne. I know I’ll give it back.”
–Lorien, Daughter of Random, speaking to Bleys

“We’ve lost the war. Well, we didn’t lose it; we lost it. It was right here when we left!”
–Lorien, Daughter of Random

Sirian: Rocks stacked up is a pile.”
Alysis: Yes, but rocks stacked up this way is a castle.”
–Lord Sirian of the Ways of Mirrus
–Alysis, daughter of Julian

“There is no Chaos for Dummies.”
–Cheri, GM

Ars Magica

“I know faeries, not vampires. If you want to know twelve ways to annoy a water nixie, I’m your girl.”
–Pleunaria, follower of Merinita

“I think the imp is a bigger problem. The trees can be reasoned with.”
–Master Thibideaux, House Jerbiton

Dungeons and Dragons

Sharra: I don’t even want to know what they summon here.
Gixx: Demons
Sharra: I said I didn’t want to know!
– Sharra, Cleric of Pelor
– Gix, Monk

DM: Again the power of his god protects him!
Tapir: Stupid god powers
– Carey, DM
– Tapir, Ranger

DM: I assume that breakfast is to be Hero’s Feast from now on?
Sharra: The breakfast of campions!
– Carey, DM
– Sharra, Cleric of Pelor


“How much is ‘Enemy: God’ worth?”
–Player to GM

Mage: the Ascension

Do ask the cat for authorization.”
–Jones, NWO

Vampire: the Masquerade

“My apartment is infested with Sabbat!”
–Stephan Thule, Clan Toreador

“He needs to get a personality transplant before he can do that [take over the world].”
–Alexis Dineson, Anarch

“I want to appreciate the artistic merits of a frickin’ shower!”
–Stephan Thule, Clan Toreador

“A weapon? You mean a gun? What am I going to do with a gun — shellac it!?”
–Stephan Thule, Clan Toreador

City Creation: Kael Pathfinder Stoutpoppy, Swordsmith

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Since the PCs aren’t likely to interact with Meadowbrook’s blacksmiths other than to have items repaired or commission new ones, I’m not going to spend much time detailing them.

Most Meadowbrook’s blacksmiths focus on creating practical items — horseshoes, plows and farming implements, iron nails and building tools, etc. Kael Pathfinder Stoutpoppy is the exception to the rule: he’s only swordsmith in Meadowbrook. While he can and does do other types of blacksmithing to pay the bills, his primary love is creating strong, beautiful blades.

Kael Pathfinder Stoutpoppy

Kael is a former ranger who settled down in Meadowbrook. While his home and shop are actually outside of the city proper, he and his wife, Janna, are frequent faces in town, especially at The Butter Churn tavern. While adventuring, Kael met and fell in love with Janna Stoutpoppy, a skilled fighter in the group he traveled with. When the two of them decided to retire and settle down, they chose Meadowbrook — Janna’s home town.

While Kael and Janna aren’t the only human-halfling couple Meadowbrook’s history, the match is unusual enough to raise eyebrows and start gossip tongues wagging. The Stoutpoppys had some difficulty accepting an human son-in-law, but Kael’s friendly, outgoing personality finally won over Janna’s parents. The rest of the Stoutpoppy clan, including Janna’s two sisters and her brother aren’t so generous of spirit and the divide has split appart the clan. Janna’s siblings have not spoken to her for the last three years. The couple are very much in love, but the situation has put a strain on their marriage; currently, the two of them are discussing plans to move to a larger city where they won’t stand out so much.

A skilled storyteller, Kael can frequently be found at The Butter Churn when not working. He’s frequently pressed to tell stories of his and Janna’s younger, wilder days.

Janna Stoutpoppy

Janna herself is much quieter than her husband. She’s friendly enough, but much more reserved and usually content to let her more outgoing half speak for both of them.

Her split with her family weighs heavily on her, though she does her best not to show it. She’s glad her parents have come around about Kael, but the fact that her siblings and most of her clan refuse to speak to her saddens her greatly. She also experiences some discrimination in the town; a few of the merchants, both human and halfling, refuse to serve her or Kael. She loves Kael deeply, but the situation is putting a lot of strain on her. She and Kael have begun to talk about moving to an area where there are more couples like them, something she’s not sure she wants to do. She feels torn by her love for Kael and her love for her family.

For her own part, Janna is an excellent fighter, extremely skilled at taking down opponents several times her size. She’s agile and intelligent, though very shy without a sword in her hand. Her shyness can come off as cold or haughty to those meeting her for the first time.

  • Kael Pathfinder Stoutpoppy, human ranger (AD&D terms: 10th level ranger).
  • Janna Stoutpoppy, halfling fighter/warrior (AD&D terms: 11th level fighter)

Note about halfling names in Meadowbrook’s world: Among halflings, property is passed down matriliniarly, from mother to daughter. Consequently, most husbands take their wife’s surname after marriage, adding it after their own. Kael and Janna followed this tradition, hoping that would help them gain more acceptence in Janna’s home town. Unfortunately, this hasn’t had the effect they’d desired.


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