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Who is Jade?

Jade is actually me, Cheri Arbuckle. The name came from a Trinity character who’s name also ended up the basis of my email address at the time – jadepsion (that’s “psion” — as in psionics). My online gaming contacts shortened it to “Jade”, and the name stuck.

I’ve been gaming since August of 1980 when I crashed a D&D game at summer camp. Little did I know that I’d started a life-long addiction that day. Two weeks after that, I DM’ed a game for the first time. Since then, I’ve GM’ed everything from D&D to World of Darkness to Toon. Basically, if I can get my hands on it, I’ll try to run it.

I’m a web designer and freelance writer by trade. I’ve written articles for Inphobia (originally called White Wolf Magazine), Challenge, and Ars Magica’s supplement Medieval Tapestry. I also write two other blogs:  On My Own Two Feet (about women in the martial arts) and 78 Steps (a tarot-related blog).

Okay, who’s the cat?

My Gravatar is my cat, Snomobile. He oversees everything in the house, including my games and gaming groups. He’s also a great judge of character: all of the people he hasn’t liked have turned out to be problem players. Which means, if you want to stay in my group, you’ll need Snomobile’s approval 😉 .

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