City Creation: The Town Guard

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Town Guard are not employees of Meadowbrook. A guild in their own right, they’re employed by the town council. Each guild tithes a small percentage of their annual income directly to the Town Guard, in return the Guard protects the other guilds from dangers local and foreign. But how many town guard members are there? The 3.5 Dungeon Master’s Guide gives a figure of 1 full-time guard for every 100 people, meaning Meadowbrook would have 40 guards, which seems like a reasonable number.

Unlike most guilds, the town guard is actually two separate guilds of 20 members each: the Littletun Guard, who police the halfling areas and the Bigtun Guard, who police the human areas. As you might expect, it would be extremely unusual for the Littletun Guard to have a human member and vice-versa, thought it has occasionally happened. This arrangement has caused some racial tensions, since the dock areas and most stores are located in Bigtun; rumors abound that the best imported goods get diverted away from the docks before they can reach Littletun markets. I’ll leave each GM to determine the truth of these rumors on their own.

Each Tun Guild (as the two “subguilds” are known) has their own guild leader who reports to the Captain of the Guard, the head of the combined guild. These are:

  • Captain of the Guard: Bryan Hartman, human fighter [10th level]*
  • Littletun Captain: Piper Hillbottom, halfling fighter [8th level]
  • Bigtun Captain: Robert Roark, human fighter [6th level]

Guild Structure

As mentioned above, each Tun Guild has it’s own captain, with each captain having two assistant captains. The two assistants supervise the “patrols” — teams of four guild members who monitor the streets of the Tuns.  Guildmembers are skilled warriors/fighters, but not as skilled as your average PC warrior/fighter (in AD&D 3.x terms, guild captains are fighters, but average guild members are warriors). Additionally, each adult citizen of Meadowbrook is required to donate time to the town guard as part of their civic duty.

Each citizen is required to serve two days every three months and is also expected to attend a two-hour weapons/training session once every two weeks, as this citizen force also functions as the town’s defensive militia. Last year, Meadowbrook’s town council passed a law allowing property owners to hire someone else to serve their “civic” time. Officially, the law requires the “stand-ins” to be citizens, but in truth, no one checks papers as long a capable, warm body reports for duty. This has caused resentment among the lower income residents, who see the rich being able to buy their way out of the obligation.

Captain of the Guard: Bryan Hartman

Bryan Hartman is a retired adventurer. Born and bred in Meadowbrook, he wandered distant lands for many years, believing there had to be someplace better out there, someplace he could make a name and a fortune for himself. Instead, he found the longer he was gone, the more he missed his home town. After losing his left hand in a war fought to protect a kingdom he didn’t care about for another bag of money he didn’t really need, Bryan returned to Meadowbrook, bought a large farm just outside of town, married a local girl, and settled down to raise a family. He’s a devoted father and husband who honestly cares about the wellbeing of his home town. He has four children — three daughters and a son — and the eldest daughter seems determined to follow in her father’s footsteps. Like many Meadowbrook natives, he views his town’s recent growth with worry, believing the new-comers will be here only as long as Meadowbrook’s new-found prosperity lasts.


*All levels given are for 3.5 AD&D and are intended to be used as guildelines. If you’re using Meadowbrook with another games system, assume 20th level is the PC maximum, then scale accordingly. So 10th level would be a fighter/warrior/knight who’s about halfway to maximum skill level, etc. For the purposes of creating Meadowbrook, I’m ignoring Epic Level characters – they’re too powerful for inclusion into an “average” town.

You can find a very helpful article about town militias at The Round Table of Bretonnia.

Next time: Tammi Ravenswing and the thieves’ guild.

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