“Where are we again?”: Creating Unique Fantasy Cities and Towns

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Sometimes creating a believable city or town is one of the hardest parts of building an adventure or campaign. You don’t want all your towns to look the same and you definitely don’t want to get stuck in the generic “fantasy town”, consisting of a tavern/bar, inn or other lodgings, magic shoppe, etc.

Below I’ve gathered a list of web resources to help provide city building know-how and inspiration. Enjoy!

Here’s some listing of world-building sites who’s information can be adapted for city creation:

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5 responses to ““Where are we again?”: Creating Unique Fantasy Cities and Towns

  1. Some very useful resources there, thank you for gathering them up for us.
    .-= Sean Holland´s last blog ..Borusa – the City of Scholars =-.

    • Your quite welcome. My life’s experience is that if I’m needing something, chances are there’s someone out there who needs it too. I’m glad to help.

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  4. Necrocommenting in a big way here ….

    It’s easy for a GM to forget about structural hazards when they’re describing shantytowns and the “bad quarter” of the city. There many things that are loose, shaky, slippery, unstable, rotten, crumbling, or in some other way just waiting their chance to harm the players. The locals know not to step on the middle board because it’s rotted … do the PCs? It’s not just the animate hazards; the environment itself is a threat in the way that a better-maintained place is not.

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