The GM’s Field Guide to Players Now Available

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Have Player Troubles?

GMs–what’s the most important part of your game? It’s your players. Without your players, you don’t have a game. Yet, it’s your players that often cause you the most grief.

Have you ever had players who

  • arrivs on time to every game, but spens the entire session reading a book?
  • try to monopolize your attention?
  • complain that other people aren’t playing their characters right?
  • argue with every decision you make?

We all have. It’s hard to know how to deal with difficult players. But you don’t have to go it alone. The GM’s Field Guide to Players can help.

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What’s Included

This 54-page PDF covers:

  • How to identify players types and how to use them to make your game more enjoyable
  • The five steps for dealing with all problem players
  • Common types of problem players and how to deal with each one
  • How to remove a player from your game and still look yourself in the mirror


In addition, when you purchase The GM’s Field Guide to Players, you get two bonuses:

  • How to Deal With Cheating Players: Just what the title says, this booklet describes several ways players cheat and offers ideas on how to deal with them.
  • Fitting Them In: Ideas on how to introduce new players to your game. It covers everything from introducing brand-new players to RPGs in general to bringing experienced players into your on-going campaign.

What’s it cost?

The regular price is $7, but from now until October 31, 2012, you can get it for $6.

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6 responses to “The GM’s Field Guide to Players Now Available

  1. Just picked up both The GM’s Field Guide to Players and The Adventure Creation Handbook- I’m very excited to read them! Found you through Game Knight Reviews.
    Jenn´s last blog post ..Giveaway Time!

  2. It’s great to see books like this coming out! I’ve just started to get back into the hobby after being out of it for too long and one of the greatest things I’ve been seeing is the explosion of indie products such as this that are being published in electronic formats. The second thing I’ve noticed unfortunately though is that the gaming crowd seems obsessed with PDF. I pretty much only buy e-books these days and in contrast to gaming books, the technical books that I normally purchase are universally available in at least the two main mobile formats (epub and mobi) as well as PDF. When you buy a tech ebook from sites like O’Reilly, InformIT, or Pragmatic Bookshelf you are getting ALL the formats with your purchase. PDF is just not a good choice for any of the popular e-readers.

    So given that, I make my plea to the fine authors and publishers of these works and to the gaming community at large: please start supporting mobile formats!

    I really do look forward to checking out these books and hopefully in the future will be able to do so i a format that works well with e-readers. While a PDF makes me think a little longer about my purchase than an epub or mobi, I simply don’t do dead-tree books anymore. So definitely thanks for at least making the PDF available even if the mobile formats haven’t been supported (yet?).

    • @Jason. Thanks for the kudos. It’s great to see people getting back into the hobby. The Adventure Creation Handbook is currently available for Kindle and I’m currently in the process of converting The GM’s Field Guide to Players to Kindle (it should be available mid-November) and I’m looking into a creating ePub versions.

  3. I second the kudos to indie authors. What is going on today reminds me a lot of the early 80’s, when nobody was quite sure where the hobby was going and were trying to shape it. Now I find the issue is sorting the wheat from the chaff which, now that I think of it, was also a issue in the 80’s…

    As a long-time GM I hate to admit it, but players are the single most important part of the game. It doesn’t matter if I have the best plotline ever, have the right props for the game, can walk on water, etc., etc., etc., if the party isn’t into the game. It simply will not be a great one if the players don’t show.

    I am looking forward to reading the GM’s Guide to Players (as soon as I can find the time), but here are a few tips I’ve learned over my time gaming:
    * If the people playing are friends it makes for better games. If the only thing they do together is a weekly game, it’s just not as good.
    * A player might have a great time playing an antisocial character, but generally speaking it makes the rest of the party miserable.
    * If a player is a consistent negative influence on the game get rid of them. It is unpleasant to do and they’ll likely be pissed off, but a mediocre game can transform into a good one overnight.
    * Figure out what the players want and give it to them. Whether they want want a tactical miniatures game wrapped in an RPG cloak or a collective storytelling with no dice, if you don’t give them what they want they will not enjoy it as much as they might otherwise.
    * It is appropriate to demand 100% focus from the players. I’ve found that enforcing rapid decision making and skipping players who cannot make their minds up is pretty effective at getting them to focus, and moves the story along quickly to boot.
    * Finally, finding good players is hard work, but worth it if you can put a great group together.

    I am curious to see what other tips, observations and ideas you have come up with!
    Nick Von Cover´s last blog post ..Reaper Soil Colors Triad Review

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