February Blog Carnival: Worldbuilding

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This month’s blog carnival topic is worldbuilding. How do you get the worlds you use for your game? Do you create your own or use a published world? If you create your own, where did you start? What do you like best about building your own settings? What suggestions and resources do you have for teaching others how to build worlds of the their own? What are the pros and cons of building your own world? Where do you get the inspiration for your worlds.

It’s a broad topic, I know. I’d like to stick to the whys and wherefores of building worlds, rather than details of the worlds themselves. Instead of telling us about your world, tell us how you created it and why, as well as sharing any tips you may have for others who’d like to build their own game world, but don’t know where to start.

I’m looking forward to seeing your posts; just put the URL of your post in the comments section below and at the end of the month, I’ll do a wrap-up post listing everyone’s contributions.

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  2. I wrote this just before you announced the Carnival, but I think it meets your requirements as it pertains solely to techniques for organizing a campaign and building the setting. Where it differs somewhat is in that addresses these questions from the point of view of building a shared setting intended to be run by more than one GM.


  3. Hi guys

    I’d like to submit my contribution to this months Carnival

    The Worldsmith´s last blog post ..Tribes of Gracia

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  5. I have contributed an article on worldbuilding; it is at http://mrlizard.com/rants/blog-carnival-worldbuilding/ .
    Lizard´s last blog post ..Blog Carnival — Worldbuilding

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  7. I do a weekly article about World Building for Stargazer’s World. I’m on post 9 coming up this week 😉

    Here, have a link :)
    Shinobicow´s last blog post ..Review- Soldiers of Fortune @ Stargazers World

  8. I have written another post on world-building. It is entitled Making World-Building Memorable
    Runeslinger´s last blog post ..Making World-Building Memorable

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  11. My contribution to the carnival asks why you’d want to make your own world. Why Roll Your Own?
    satyre´s last blog post ..why roll your own

  12. Three from Nevermet Press (3 authors)

    Shaun Welch

    John Schutt

    Jonathan Jacobs
    *scheduled to go live on Feb 28th

    Looking forward to this round up! Some amazing articles out there already.
    jonathan´s last blog post ..Wild Card

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