Teaching the Game: August Blog Carnival

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First off, thanks to Mad Brew Labs for hosting the July carnival on Growing the Hobby. It really got some great discussion going. This month’s carnival actually (and inadvertently) extends that discussion. Much of the consensus about growing the hobby focused on how we, as RPG players and GMs, need to teach our games to as many new players as we can. This month, I take that one step further and ask how do we teach them?

I’d originally intended to call this “Passing it Down” and focus on children and roleplaying, but then I realized that was only one type of new RPG player. So this month, I want to focus on the hows and wherefores of teaching RPGs to new players, whether they be adults or children, people just joining their first game or people who’ve been playing for decades learning a new system.

Here’s some possible questions to get you going:

  • How do you find new players?
  • How do you help them learn the mechanics of a system (and how much of the system do you require them to learn?)
  • How do you teach the non-mechanics part of the game?
  • How do you teach someone to GM?
  • What’s the best beginner system?
  • What’s the best system for teaching roleplaying to kids?
  • How do you run games for kids?
  • What was your first game like? How could it have been better?
  • Should roleplaying be taught in the schools?
  • Do you play with your own kids?
  • Are all-kid game groups better than adult-kid mixed groups?

And, of course, anything else you can think of.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching games and most of the convention games I’ve run have been designed to introduce new players the whatever system I’m running. Later this month I’ll post my techniques on running a teaching game. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts; just put the URL of your post in the comments section below and at the end of the month, I’ll do a wrap-up post listing everyone’s contributions.

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  2. Am I really the first to respond? That’s a kind of awesome all its own. I have a LOT of experience on this topic, and this post was a joy to write. Please take a look.

    Jason Dawson´s last blog post ..Tales of Brittanis Teaser Video

  3. Wow, lonely topic so far. Here is my take on the matter. Thanks for hosting this time around!


  4. Hey… I’m getting into this carnival a bit early! :)

    Thanks for hosting!


  5. Thanks for hosting this month’s carnival.

    My response can be found at: http://www.realityrefracted.com/2010/08/rpg-blog-carnival-teaching-hobby.html
    Anthony´s last blog post ..RPG Blog Carnival – Teaching the Hobby

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  8. Thanks for hosting – here’s something about flattening the learning curve.
    satyre´s last blog post ..flattening the learning curve

  9. I didn’t see this blog carnival until a couple days ago, but decided to post about a tutorial approach I’ve been mulling over recently.

    Talysman´s last blog post ..Blog Carnival- Teaching Newbies

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