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The Collected Beg, Borrow & Steal Now Available

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The Collected Beg, Borrow & Steal is a PDF eBook containing the first ten issues of the Beg, Borrow & Steal newsletter. More than just a reprint of the newsletters under one cover, the information in this book has been edited and reformatted to make it easier to read and use. Also included is a new list: “20 Magical Curios” that is unavailable anywhere else. This book contains

  • Campaign Control Journal
  • 14 Last-Minute Tips to Customize a Published Adventure.
  • 20 Magical Curios for Fantasy Games
  • On-line GMing Resources
  • How to Age Paper
  • Game Money
  • 9 Ways to Use PC Dreams
  • Unstick the Stumped with Bibliomancy
  • Tips for Creating Memorable NPCs on the Fly
  • 20 Unusual City Encounters
  • 20 Unusual Wilderness Encounters

For an example, check out the 20 Unusual City Encounters post.  The cost for the eBook is only $7 (US dollars)

You can purchase it by clicking the button below:

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Beg, Borrow, and Steal

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Evil Machinations is branching out. Starting 6 October 2009, I’ll be publishing a free weekly newsletter called “Beg, Borrow, and Steal”. Not a repeat of my blog posts, BB&S will contain:

  • Small locations you can drop into any game — a tavern, an inn, a spaceport, etc.
  • NPCs — people you can add to your game
  • How to’s for everything from making props to setting a mood
  • Anything else I feel like throwing in 😉

The idea is to provide GMs with small bits of information they can use immediately. My ideal would be to provide you with something to cause you to say “Hey, that’s really cool — I think I’ll use it tonight.” The information will be as non-system specific as possible. You can sign up for BB&S in the box at the top of the left column of this blog.

I’m also open to ideas from other GMs. If you’ve got a great tip or idea you’d like to share, send it on over. If I like it, I’ll use it and give you full credit (which, right now is the only thing I can pay you with, since the newsletter’s free 😉 ). Just email your ideas to jade(at)rpggm(dot)com.

Look for the first issue on Tuesday, 6 October 2009.