August Blog Carnival: Campaign Creation

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carnival-logoThis month, is hosting the RPG Bloggers Blog Carnival and we’re talking campaign creation. Do you have a method you use to create your campaigns, or do you just “wing it”? How would you like to create your campaigns? Is there something specific you do that you think would help other GMs create better campaigns? What’s the best campaign you ever ran and why do you think it was so successful? Or what campaign went horribly wrong and what would you did differently? If you’re a player, what would you like to see your GM do when he sets up a new campaign?

Campaign creation is a big topic, so your posts can be as broad or as narrow as you like. Talk about the whole process of campaign creation or just one small part of it, like making antagonists or choosing a game system. Or discuss the player’s responsibilities regarding campaign creation. To participate, write a post relating to campaign creation. Then leave a comment containing a link to that post. At the end of the month, I’ll do a round-up post listing all the sites that participated. Have fun with this, guys. I looking forward to seeing your ideas.

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  1. Okay, Jade, I will attempt to submit a contribution. I haven’t written an essay blog entry in ages due to various personal problems I believe you know about (or heard about from our mutual friends). But I feel my head is in a place where I can attempt to write at length again. I’ve been getting the rusties out by warming up my old Traveller campaign. So I will post a link to my post when it is written, but it may take a while. Thanks for giving me a great topic get me restarted, Jade! :-)

  2. Alright, Jade, it is done. You can find my essay at this link:

    It is a public post so anyone can read it. I hope folks will find it informative.

    Thanks again, Jade!
    Joe Moreno´s last blog post ..The RPG Campaign Creation Process As I See It

  3. Jade, this is a fantastic topic and I actually just started a mini-series discussing it. Here is my submission for the carnival, I’m excited to read the write-up!
    Brantaylor´s last blog post ..20/20 Hindsight, Pt. 1: The Idea

  4. Added my $.02 to this. :)

    Tailor Made Campaigns
    Tom Doolan´s last blog post ..Tailor Made Campaigns

    • How odd — my other post was held up for moderation?

      Anyway, I’m posting again in a bit.

      • @Alex– Yes, it was. Work was very busy the last couple of days so I didn’t even get a chance to check. I’ve approved them now. Sorry about the delay. For everyone–I have my comments set to to “approval for first-time commenters.” Once you’ve had a comment approved, you’ll be able to post comments freely. I do this to cut down spam. Thanks for participating in the carnival.

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  7. I wrote something too! This is a great topic, and I’m really enjoying seeing everybody’s contributions.

  8. Hi, just started my first blog and when I heard about Blog Carnivals I had to participate. Hope it’s not to late to submit my post.

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