What Do You Like Best and Least About Being a GM/DM?

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Last week, I asked for your opinions on what you liked best about being a GM and what you liked least. A couple of you responded and here are your answers:

The Best Things:

  • From Sean Holland: “… there is nothing better than seeing the world come alive through the players’ eyes and actions. It makes all the work worthwhile.”
  • From ATerribleIdea: “Seeing a player gnaw their fingernail until it bleeds in a tense scene.”

The Worst Things:

  • From Sean Holland: “… having your inspiration vanish is miserable.”
  • From ATerribleIdea: “Defusing actual hostility.”

Thanks guys for your input!

2 responses to “What Do You Like Best and Least About Being a GM/DM?

  1. Sorry I missed this the first time around


    Building a “world”, preferably with player input as the game progresses. Some NPCs become almost “real” people. Some places get a life of their own through player involvement.

    Not being held to one character concept. I get to play a lot of characters, every game.

    Putting things together into a “big picture” and then bringing the players into that big picture. Like the world creation, I like doing this through player involvement – often the players come up with the best ideas for the background of what’s going on, and I’ve often adjusted my ideas to incorporate the best elements of the players’ paranoid fantasies.


    Not being part of the “character advancement” mini-game that is such a part of many players’ enjoyment of the games.

    Having to make sure “my” characters remain in the wings and never take centre stage. As I play about as often as I GM, I *like* getting into character and can be a bit of a stage-hog. I have to remind myself what side of the screen I’m on.

    Burning out. I’ve never burned out as a player, but occasionally I’ve had DM burnout issues where I’ve just felt like I had run out of good ideas and couldn’t run a game. There’s a lot of hand-holding in many games, and there are times I’m just not up to it.
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  2. My comments were way to wordy to leave here but you did inspire me!


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